Texas Furniture Makers Show

The Texas Furniture Makers Show will be held at the Kerr Arts & Culture Center in Kerrville Texas. The show opens on October 28th and runs through December 5, 2005.

This is the sixth year of the show which has consistently been filled with a an excellent and eclectic range of finely crafted work.

I had the pleasure of judging the show in its second and third years. It has come a long way since then and now the show is judged by an ever changing three person committee of highly qualified individuals.

Jim Derby, the president of KACC (Kerr Arts & Culture Center), has done a tremendous job of building the show. Ken Malson has also been instrumental in the development of the show.

The event just keeps getting bigger and better. Last year I was fortunate enough to inaugurate a continuing education event for woodworkers focusing on design. This year in addition to the design class that I taught, KACC is also offering a great class on wood finishing, which is one of the more overlooked, yet very important parts of woodworking.

This year, Karl Muench will be teaching the design class and Curtis Whittington will be teaching the finishing class. If I can manage to get there, I will be sitting in on the design class and putting my two cents in. But I am very torn as the finishing class is held at the same time.

I highly recommend all Texas woodworkers to submit their work for the show (it is too late this year, but start thinking ahead for next year).

For anyone interested in design, this is a great show to see. If you are anywhere near Kerrville, you really should go see this show. Kerrville is quite a nice little town in the Hill Country so stay and have a look around. You will be surprised by the number of galleries the town has, I know I was.


2 thoughts on “Texas Furniture Makers Show

  1. Dear Mr. Fryer,

    Thank you for your insightful thoughts on the Texas Furniture Show. We do plan to attend this years event. However, we live in Connecticut so I was curious if you know of a show like this in the Northeast that we could also attend.
    Thank you for your time,

    Clint Thorn

  2. Clint,

    Off hand I could only remember one in Boston at Gallery Katz (www.gallerykatz.com). I think it is a show for students of the Rhode Island School of Design. No doubt there are many more. I will be moving back to NY in July so I expect that I will become much better informed in the coming year. I will be looking to work with a local gallery and will very much be pushing for an annual furniture show. I had a gallery in Houston which was predominately for furniture, but it was not a good market for that.

    There is also the ICFF in New York every year. The last time I was there (many years ago) they a wide range of furniture, most of which were from manufactures. Still, I am very excited that I will get to go again soon.

    I expect that the North Eastern shows will be radically different then the Texas shows. Furniture is strongly influenced by region, much more so then fine art. Texas sees a considerable amount of Western and rustic work where as the North East is predominated by the international style and art furniture (at least that is what I recall).

    Thanks for your interest,
    James Fryer

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