This reform would have another excellent consequence: Teachers and students might begin to demand content standards that are more specific than, say, this third grade standard from Ohio: “Compare the cultural practices and products of the local community with those of other communities in Ohio, the United States and countries of the world.” It would be far more useful to set out what exactly children should learn about the 13 colonies or Paul Revere’s ride.

Op-Ed Contributor – Reading Test Dummies –

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. There is so much to learn about the American Revolution that no child could be expected to learn it all, so don’t make them. Pick out what is most relevant to them. Why should students in both New York and California both learn exactly the same thing? This totally negates the relevance of location while at the same time making history more boring. No, it is far better to put it in context and there is nothing wrong with it being different because the context of where the child is living will be different.

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