Confronting this protracted slog and bog, people concerned with Iran need to focus on three more purposeful goals:

1) Sanctions by the willing. It would obviously be better to include China and Russia in the sanctions group. But sanctions imposed NOW by NATO, the EU, and Japan are better than sanctions imposed sometime in the wild blue yonder by the so-called international community.

2) Open political space for the Israelis to act if they feel they can and must. It seems unlikely in the extreme that the US will act militarily to stop the Iranian bomb project. Israel may – and if it does, will feel the wrath of an Obama administration that has repeatedly ordered it to stand down. If Israel does strike, Americans concerned with national security will need to prepare to prevent the Obama administration from imposing punitive measures. (It would be a fine irony if the Obama administration dealt more harshly with Israel for preventing the Iranian bomb than it has ever dealt with Iran for building the bomb in the first place.)

3) Start planning now for a world that features a nuclearized Iran. Such a world may revive the value of tactical American nuclear weapons. It will require a much more explicit US nuclear guarantee to friends in the Persian Gulf. It suggests that there ought to be American military personnel permanently stationed in Israel, so as to ensure that the US too takes casualties in the event of an Iranian nuclear strike: removing any doubts about global retaliation for Iranian nuclear action. And more.


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