The second feature that I have fallen in love with is OneNote syncing. I am a fairly regular OneNote user and recently added all of my OneNote files to knowing that this would enable me to view them on my phone. There’s something deeply satisfying and delightful (there’s that word again) about being inside a OneNote page on your phone, hitting the camera button on the app bar to take a picture, then watching that photo automatically turn up on your laptop screen just a few seconds later. I can think of many scenarios where this will be useful and is definitely a very unique differentiator for Windows Phone.

Windows Phone review « Jamie Thomson

So Windows 7 Phone had a pretty week launch, but it’s user moments like this that make me believe that it will pick up steam. Little by little at first, but at some point it will become a wave to rival and maybe surpass the iPhone.

Unless Microsoft does something stupid.


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