armstp // Mar 30, 2011 at 9:46 am What is interesting in the U.S. is the more Republican a state is the more that state takes from the federal government. So, essentially Republicans are the people that rely on the federal government more than Democrats. Basically, on balance Democratic taxpayers largely subsidize the lifestyle of Republican taxpayers in the U.S. FEDERAL SPENDING RECEIVED PER DOLLAR OF TAX PAID (if greater than $1.00 you are taking out more tax dollars out of the federal government than you are putting in and therefore you are very dependent on the federal government and others to subsidize your lifestyle.) Republican States:
Alabama $1.66
Alaska $1.84
Arizona $1.19
Arkansas $1.41
Georgia $1.01
Idaho $1.21
Indiana $1.05
Iowa $1.10
Kansas $1.12
Kentucky $1.51
Louisiana $1.78
Mississippi $2.02
Missouri $1.32
Montana $1.47
Nebraska $1.10
New Mexico $2.03
North Dakota $1.68
Oklahoma $1.36
South Carolina $1.35
South Dakota $1.53
Tennesee $1.27
Texas $0.94
Utah $1.07
Virgina $1.51
West Virgina $1.76
Wyoming $1.11 Democratic States:
California $0.78
Colorado $0.81
Connecticut $0.69
Delaware $0.77
Florida $0.97
Illinois $0.75
Massachusetts $0.82
Michigan $0.92
Minnesota $0.72
New Hampshire $0.71
New Jersey $0.61
New York $0.79
Ohio $1.05
Oregon $0.93
Pennsylvania $1.07
Rhode Island $1.00
Vermont $1.08
Washinton $0.88
Wisconsin $0.86 Basically, big Democratic states like California and New York pay for the lifestyle of all those Republicans states. If the Teabaggers want to be fair, then I suggest all these Democratic states cut off the transfers of tax dollars to these Republican states and let them fend for themselves. Out of all the Republican states only Texas does not take-out more than they put in and that is just barely. It seems ironic that all the Republicans and Republican states who shout the most for small government are the most reliant on the federal government. Basically, Republicans do not want to pay their taxes and want the Democrats to use their taxes to subsidize their lifestyles. Complete bullshit and the usual conservative/Republican hypocracy. If I was a Republican and I lived in one of these heavily subsidizes states, the last thing I would be doing is calling for smaller govenment, as it is going to proportionally hurt you much much more.


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