Details, Details

“Some of our biggest companies have spent almost half their earnings to buy back their own stock, and another third or more to pay dividends. That doesn’t leave a lot left to raise pay or invest in the workers or make new investments to ensure a company’s future success” Clinton said. “These trends need to change.”

via Hillary Clinton Says On-Demand Economy Raises Hard Questions About Workplace Protections | TechCrunch.

And all of them over pay their executives. Is Meg Whitman really worth $20 million? Is she really worth 100 engineers? But that’s peanuts compared to Tim Cook.


The day the Verge Died

Today the Verge turned off their comment section. Today I stopped reading the Verge because, really, the comment section was the last good thing about the dying site.

Comedian in the Comments

“Young becoming hostages to handheld devices, says charity” – BBC News

65. Posted by Mister Point

I needed to speak to my kids the other day.

I unplugged the router and waited 10 seconds.


Love? Hate? Both?

Damn it. Just when I was resolved to hating Nilay Petal forever, he comes up with the best tech headline of the year: What company will Stephen Elop steal for Microsoft next?” – The Verge.


“Making drivers into employees, not contractors, could hurt Uber’s business” – The Verge

“The company could also be on the hook for payroll tax, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, and state taxes.”

– Ben Popper – Making drivers into employees, not contractors, could hurt Uber’s business – The Verge

It’s kind of amazing that Uber isn’t on the hook for any of this now. Is the American economy really sustainable with this new contractor model? I doubt it.


Oh, The CHAOS!

Halo 5 – 12 player vs 12 player Warzone….


UPDATE: Halo 5 will not have a split screen mode so I can’t ever play it with my son and he can’t play it with his friends which means we won’t be buying it.


Laura Never Looked So Good


Hololens – Amazing

The magic starts at 1:30.

Minecraft Hololens demo at E3 2015 (amazing!) – YouTube.


The Biggest Cry Baby of All Time

Nilay Petal complaining about how utterly miserable his life is because playing music is just soooooooo hard these days.

All of the stress and panic I feel when I have to pull out a smartphone and open an app and pick a playlist and select my AirPlay or Bluetooth speakers and wait for it all to work…

Sarcasm? Probably, but the article is written so badly that it’s not clear. Yes, I know, my writing is worse, but it’s not my full time job.

“First world problem” doesn’t even begin to scratch at the outskirts of describing how utterly inane this article is.

Also, nice way to blame it on Apple with what is now a time honored tradition of click-bait headlines at the Verge, “Apple Music and the terrible return of DRM”.


Microsoft Wants Your Phone to be Your Computer

Continuum for Phones – YouTube

Two things going on here:

  1. Using USB-C to connect your phone to a screen (which can charge your phone as your phone drives the display)
  2. Responsive Design going beyond websites into apps so that now one app can run anywhere

There is also a third thing which hasn’t been explored much and that is “dual screen” which means your phone screen can be doing something different from the big screen it’s attached to. This whole idea is certainly not new, but all the previous attempts have failed. If this works (requires new hardware that has not been announced yet) Microsoft will have pulled off something truly great – a bunch of dumb screens driven by one smart device.


Google Jump – VR Video – Holy Shit, It’s Happening!

Google I/O 2015 – Introducing Jump – GoPro+Youtube App+Cardbard Part 10 -28/05/2015 – YouTube.


It Sucks to be an Uber Driver

Morake says he doesn’t usually accept requests more than 10 minutes away, because customers tend to get impatient and cancel when he’s halfway there. He finally accepted mine because it was coming from a hospital and seemed desperate. “So it called one time, two times, three times — I said, ‘Maybe this person don’t have nobody else.'”

The contrast is so striking — Morake, who accepted a ride against his own best interests out of human kindness, and Uber, which treats him and so many other drivers as utterly disposable numbers in an equation.

Emily Guendelsberger – I was an undercover Uber driver :: Cover :: Philadelphia City Paper.