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“Some of our biggest companies have spent almost half their earnings to buy back their own stock, and another third or more to pay dividends. That doesn’t leave a lot left to raise pay or invest in the workers or make new investments to ensure a company’s future success” Clinton said. “These trends need to change.”

via Hillary Clinton Says On-Demand Economy Raises Hard Questions About Workplace Protections | TechCrunch.

And all of them over pay their executives. Is Meg Whitman really worth $20 million? Is she really worth 100 engineers? But that’s peanuts compared to Tim Cook.


Cold, Hard Truth. From a Long Way Off.

“Confederate flag: Why it is so potent in the US” – BBC News

But undeniably it (the Confederate Flag) has also been the rallying banner of an active and successful resistance to racial equality, a celebration of the renaissance of white power, a symbol that the struggle did not end in 1865.

A concise and unerring argument on the Confederate Flag.

BBC “News” – King of Clickbate?

“Young becoming hostages to handheld devices, says charity”

Article summary: Charity run by old people gives money to school PE programs.

“Skinny jeans given health warning”

Article summary: One woman, one time, doing something unusual is afflicted with a phenomenally rare medical condition. She happened to be wearing skinny jeans at the time.


Comedian in the Comments

“Young becoming hostages to handheld devices, says charity” – BBC News

65. Posted by Mister Point

I needed to speak to my kids the other day.

I unplugged the router and waited 10 seconds.



Adolf Hitler artworks fetch £286,000 at auction in Nuremberg” – BBC News

To the person who bought these paintings – you are a bad person and you should feel bad.

If you have that much money burning a hole in your pocket, maybe donate it to charity?


“Making drivers into employees, not contractors, could hurt Uber’s business” – The Verge

“The company could also be on the hook for payroll tax, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, and state taxes.”

– Ben Popper – Making drivers into employees, not contractors, could hurt Uber’s business – The Verge

It’s kind of amazing that Uber isn’t on the hook for any of this now. Is the American economy really sustainable with this new contractor model? I doubt it.


The Changing Face of Food

By then I knew that with every burger I consumed, I was helping to suck America’s rivers dry, munching on a fecal casserole seasoned liberally with E. coli, passively condoning an orgy of torture that would make Hannibal Lecter blanch, and accelerating global warming as surely as if I’d plowed my Hummer into a solar installation.


Considering the speed of change, the money and smarts being thrown at the problem, and the desperate need, it seems likely that sometime in the next decade, Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods or another rival will perfect vegetarian beef, chicken, and pork that is tastier, healthier, and cheaper than the fast-food versions of the real thing. It will be a textbook case of disruptive technology: overnight, meat will become the coal of 2025—dirty, uncompetitive, outcast. Our grandchildren will look back on our practice of using caged animals to assemble proteins with the same incredulousness that we apply to our ancestors’ habit of slaughtering whales to light their homes.

– Rowan Jacobsen – This Top-Secret Food Will Change the Way You Eat | Outside Online.


“The moment Nepal’s earthquake hit my home” – BBC News


The moment Nepal’s earthquake hit my home – BBC News.