Details, Details

“Some of our biggest companies have spent almost half their earnings to buy back their own stock, and another third or more to pay dividends. That doesn’t leave a lot left to raise pay or invest in the workers or make new investments to ensure a company’s future success” Clinton said. “These trends need to change.”

via Hillary Clinton Says On-Demand Economy Raises Hard Questions About Workplace Protections | TechCrunch.

And all of them over pay their executives. Is Meg Whitman really worth $20 million? Is she really worth 100 engineers? But that’s peanuts compared to Tim Cook.


The day the Verge Died

Today the Verge turned off their comment section. Today I stopped reading the Verge because, really, the comment section was the last good thing about the dying site.

One Part Camping, One Part Alien Abduction

“Camp in the Air: New Suspended Treehouse Tents and Hammocks Designed by Tentsile” by Christopher Jobson | Colossal


I Never get Bored of these Wire and Resin Pieces

“New Japanese Floral Hair Ornaments Handcrafted from Resin by Sakae” by Christopher Jobson | Colossal


This One is for Jennifer

“New Ethereal Watercolor and Black Ink Cats That Fade into the Canvas by Endre Penovác” by Christopher Jobson | Colossal


Sick Rider is Sick. And Awesome.

“MUST WATCH: BRUMOTTI – ROAD BIKE FREESTYLE 2” by Zach Overholt | Bike Rumor


Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful

Explore the TWA Terminal, a Pristine Time Capsule From 1962″ – Love Letters – Curbed NY.


Cold, Hard Truth. From a Long Way Off.

“Confederate flag: Why it is so potent in the US” – BBC News

But undeniably it (the Confederate Flag) has also been the rallying banner of an active and successful resistance to racial equality, a celebration of the renaissance of white power, a symbol that the struggle did not end in 1865.

A concise and unerring argument on the Confederate Flag.


A Bike that Looks Like it was Designed by a Car Company


Oh. It was.

Ford, please stop.


BBC “News” – King of Clickbate?

“Young becoming hostages to handheld devices, says charity”

Article summary: Charity run by old people gives money to school PE programs.

“Skinny jeans given health warning”

Article summary: One woman, one time, doing something unusual is afflicted with a phenomenally rare medical condition. She happened to be wearing skinny jeans at the time.


Comedian in the Comments

“Young becoming hostages to handheld devices, says charity” – BBC News

65. Posted by Mister Point

I needed to speak to my kids the other day.

I unplugged the router and waited 10 seconds.



Adolf Hitler artworks fetch £286,000 at auction in Nuremberg” – BBC News

To the person who bought these paintings – you are a bad person and you should feel bad.

If you have that much money burning a hole in your pocket, maybe donate it to charity?